Did you know that the plumbing industry is responsible for over 3.2 million jobs in Canada?

Plumbing is an essential trade that keeps our homes and businesses running smoothly. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional plumber, having the right tools is crucial for any plumbing job.

In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide to the top 5 most common tools in plumbing. These tools are essential for tackling various plumbing tasks effectively. So, let’s dive in and discover which five tools are the most common in the plumbing industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plumbing is a significant industry in Canada, employing over 3.2 million people.
  • Having the right tools is essential for any plumbing job, whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast.
  • In this article, we will explore the top 5 most common tools in plumbing.

The Wrenches – Essential Plumbing Tools

The first tool on our list of essential plumbing tools is the wrench. Plumbers rely on different types of wrenches for various tasks, making them a crucial component of any plumber’s toolkit. Let’s explore some of the common wrenches used in plumbing:

  1. Pipe wrench: This heavy-duty wrench is designed to grip and turn pipes. It’s commonly used for tightening or loosening threaded pipes and fittings.
  2. Basin wrench: This specialized wrench is perfect for reaching and turning nuts and bolts in tight spaces, such as under sinks and behind toilets.
  3. Adjustable wrench: This versatile wrench features an adjustable jaw that can fit a wide range of pipe and bolt sizes. It’s ideal for general plumbing tasks and offers flexibility in various situations.
  4. Faucet key: Also known as a sillcock key, this small tool is used specifically for turning on and off outdoor faucets and valves.

Each of these wrenches serves a specific purpose and is necessary for handling different plumbing tasks effectively. Whether it’s repairing leaks, installing fixtures, or maintaining pipes, having the right wrenches in your plumbing tool kit is essential.

Why Wrenches Are Essential

Wrenches are vital plumbing tools because they provide the necessary leverage and grip to tighten or loosen fasteners, pipes, and fittings securely. Without the proper wrench, it can be challenging to complete plumbing tasks accurately and efficiently. Additionally, using the wrong wrench may lead to stripped or damaged nuts, bolts, or pipes, resulting in leaks or other plumbing issues.

Investing in high-quality wrenches and keeping them in good condition will ensure that you have the right tool for the job and can tackle any plumbing task with confidence and precision.

Pipe Work Tools – Plumbing Supplies List

When it comes to plumbing, having the right tools is essential for getting the job done efficiently and effectively. In this section, we will explore the must-have pipe work tools that every plumber should have in their arsenal.

1. Hacksaw: A reliable hacksaw is necessary for cutting pipes to the desired length. It allows plumbers to make precise cuts quickly and easily.

2. Tubing Cutters: Plumbers often work with both plastic and metal pipes, and tubing cutters are indispensable for cutting these materials with precision. They provide clean, smooth cuts and are available in different sizes to accommodate various pipe diameters.

3. Plumber’s Torch: Soldering is a common technique used in plumbing to join copper pipes. A plumber’s torch, also known as a blow torch, is used to heat the joint, allowing the solder to flow and create a secure connection.

4. Thread Sealing Tape: Also known as Teflon tape, thread sealing tape is crucial for preventing leaks in threaded connections. It provides a watertight seal and is easy to apply.

5. Pliers: Pliers are versatile tools that come in handy for a wide range of plumbing tasks. They can be used for gripping, twisting, and turning pipes and fittings.

6. Deburring Tools: After cutting pipes, it’s important to remove any burrs or rough edges. Deburring tools are specifically designed for this purpose, ensuring smooth and clean pipe ends that are ready for installation.

7. Press Fitting Systems: Press fitting systems have gained popularity in recent years due to their ease of use and reliability. These systems use a press tool to create secure connections without the need for soldering or threading.

A must-have tool for any plumber:

Tool Description
Hacksaw A tool used for cutting pipes to the desired length.
Tubing Cutters Tools used for cutting plastic and metal pipes with precision.
Plumber’s Torch A torch used for soldering copper pipes to create secure connections.
Thread Sealing Tape Tape used to create watertight seals in threaded connections.
Pliers Versatile tools used for gripping, twisting, and turning pipes and fittings.
Deburring Tools Tools used for removing burrs or rough edges from cut pipes.
Press Fitting Systems Systems used for creating secure connections without soldering or threading.

These pipe work tools are essential for plumbers working with different types of pipes. From cutting and joining to sealing and securing, each tool plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of plumbing systems.

Next, we will explore the tools required for clearing clogs and blockages, an important aspect of plumbing maintenance.

Plumbing Tools and Equipment

Clearing Clogs and Blockages – Essential Drain Cleaning Tools

Clearing clogs and blockages is an inevitable task for plumbers. Whether it’s a small sink clog or a stubborn sewer blockage, having the right tools is crucial to get the job done efficiently and effectively. In this section, I will introduce you to some of the top plumbing tools that every plumber should have in their toolkit.

1. Plungers

Plungers are one of the most basic yet essential drain cleaning tools. They work by creating pressure to dislodge clogs in sinks, toilets, and drains. There are different types of plungers available, including flat-bottomed plungers for sinks and cup-shaped plungers for toilets. Having both types in your plumbing tool kit ensures you’re prepared for any clog.

2. Hand Augers

Hand augers, also known as drain snakes or plumber’s snakes, are versatile tools for clearing clogs. These long, flexible cables can reach deep into drains, allowing you to break up and remove obstructions such as hair, grease, or debris. Hand augers are particularly effective for tackling clogs in bathtubs, showers, and floor drains.

3. Snake Machines

For more stubborn and hard-to-reach clogs, snake machines provide a powerful solution. These motorized drain cleaning machines have rotating blades or cables that can break up and remove tough blockages in pipes and drains. Snake machines are commonly used by professional plumbers due to their efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Inspection Cameras

When you’re dealing with recurring or hidden clogs, inspection cameras can be invaluable. These small, waterproof cameras are attached to a flexible cable and allow you to visually inspect the inside of pipes and drains. By pinpointing the exact location and cause of the clog, you can take appropriate action to clear it effectively.

plumbing tools list

Tool Function
Plunger Creates pressure to dislodge clogs
Hand Auger Flexible cable for breaking up and removing obstructions
Snake Machine Motorized tool with rotating blades or cables for tougher clogs
Inspection Camera Allows visual inspection of pipes and drains to locate and identify clogs

Safety First – Essential Plumbing Safety Tools

Safety should always be a priority when working on any plumbing job. Plumbers constantly face potential hazards, making it crucial to have the right safety tools to protect themselves. Investing in proper safety equipment ensures the well-being of plumbers and creates a safer working environment.

Here are some essential plumbing safety tools that every plumber should have:

  • Goggles: Protect your eyes from debris, chemicals, and other potential hazards while working. Safety goggles provide a barrier and prevent eye injuries.
  • Gloves: Wear durable gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges, hot surfaces, chemicals, and other potential dangers. Choose gloves that are suitable for plumbing work and provide good grip.
  • Heat Shields/Pads: When working with hot pipes or soldering, heat shields or pads protect your skin from burns. Place them around the area you are working on to provide a safe work environment.

By using these essential plumbing safety tools, plumbers can minimize the risk of injuries and ensure a safe working environment. Remember, safety should never be compromised!

Safety Tool Description
Goggles Protect the eyes from debris, chemicals, and other potential hazards.
Gloves Shield the hands from sharp edges, hot surfaces, chemicals, and other dangers.
Heat Shields/Pads Provide protection from burns when working with hot pipes or soldering.

ServiceTitan Tools to Help Run & Grow Your Plumbing Business – Essential Plumbing Business Tools

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