Did you know that PEX plumbing has been used by plumbers for decades due to its various advantages? PEX pipe, also known as cross-linked polyethylene plumbing, offers a range of benefits that make it a popular choice for residential and commercial applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • PEX plumbing, or cross-linked polyethylene plumbing, is a versatile solution for both residential and commercial applications.
  • PEX pipe is easier to handle and more flexible compared to rigid pipe materials like CPVC and copper.
  • PEX pipe offers faster installations, lower material cost, and reduced risk of leaks due to its flexibility and fewer connection points.
  • PEX plumbing is durable, freeze resistant, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • SharkBite PEX fittings provide a reliable and easy-to-use connection method, eliminating the need for special tools.

Flexibility & Faster Installations

One of the main advantages of PEX pipe is its flexibility, making it easier to install around corners without the need for additional fittings. This reduces the number of connection points, lowers material cost, and minimizes the risk of leaks.

PEX pipe can be installed in longer runs using coils up to 1,000 feet in length. When installing PEX pipe with SharkBite fittings, no special tools, crimping, glue, or solder are required, resulting in faster installations and increased productivity.

Additionally, PEX pipe offers benefits compared to copper pipes, such as lower cost and better resistance to scale buildup.

The Differences Between PEX and Copper Pipes

To understand the advantages of PEX plumbing, it’s essential to consider the differences between PEX and copper pipes. While both materials have their merits, PEX offers unique benefits for plumbing installations.

Aspect PEX Pipe Copper Pipe
Installation Easier and faster installations Requires specialized tools and techniques
Flexibility High flexibility for easy maneuverability Less flexible, requiring more fittings and joints
Cost Lower material cost Higher material cost
Resistance to Scale Buildup Better resistance to scale and mineral buildup Potential for scale and mineral buildup

As shown in the table above, PEX pipe offers advantages such as easier installations, high flexibility, lower cost, and improved resistance to scale buildup, making it a compelling choice for plumbing projects.

Durable & Freeze Resistant

PEX pipe offers numerous advantages, including its durability and resistance to scale buildup, corrosion, and chlorine. Unlike rigid pipe materials like CPVC and copper, PEX pipe can withstand extreme temperatures without becoming brittle, making it highly durable and reliable.

SharkBite PEX pipe is specifically tested for chlorine resistance, ensuring its suitability for various plumbing applications. It also meets ASTM F876 oxidative-resistance requirements, further enhancing its durability.

One of the key benefits of PEX pipe is its ability to resist freezing conditions. Unlike traditional pipes, PEX pipe can expand without becoming brittle, reducing the risk of bursting during freezing temperatures. However, it is still important to take standard insulation precautions to ensure optimal performance.

Maintaining PEX plumbing is relatively easy and cost-effective. The material’s resistance to corrosion and scale buildup minimizes the need for regular maintenance or expensive repairs. By following a few simple maintenance tips, you can keep your PEX plumbing system in excellent condition:

  1. Regularly inspect your PEX pipe for any signs of damage, such as leaks or cracks.
  2. Ensure proper insulation to protect against freezing temperatures.
  3. Avoid exposing PEX pipe to direct sunlight for extended periods, as UV rays can degrade the material.
  4. Periodically flush your PEX plumbing system to remove any buildup or sediment.

By following these maintenance guidelines, you can prolong the lifespan of your PEX plumbing system and ensure its optimal performance for years to come.

PEX Plumbing Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly inspect for leaks or cracks
  • Properly insulate against freezing temperatures
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • Periodically flush to remove buildup or sediment

pex plumbing maintenance

Advantages Disadvantages
Easier installation Requires specialized tools and fittings
Flexible and adaptable Higher initial cost compared to some traditional materials
Excellent resistance to corrosion and scale buildup Not suitable for outdoor installations without proper UV protection
Can be installed in longer runs May not be compatible with certain chemicals or substances
Less prone to bursting during freezing temperatures May require professional installation for complex projects

Confidence & Peace of Mind

When it comes to PEX plumbing, you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that the installation process is straightforward and leak-free. Unlike traditional plumbing methods that require glue, solder, solvents, or torches, PEX plumbing eliminates the risk of installation errors and leaks. With PEX pipe and SharkBite EvoPEX fittings, you can achieve a proper and permanent connection without any specialized tools or equipment.

SharkBite’s EvoPEX fittings provide a visual indicator to ensure a secure connection, giving you the assurance that your plumbing system is reliable and leak-free. This innovative technology takes the guesswork out of installations, allowing even DIY enthusiasts to achieve professional-grade results.

Not only does PEX plumbing offer ease of installation and peace of mind, but it also comes with a 25-year system warranty from SharkBite. This warranty covers the entire PEX plumbing system, providing you with added protection and confidence in the durability of your plumbing infrastructure. In the unlikely event of any consequential damage, the warranty is there to support you.

By choosing PEX plumbing, you are investing in a reliable and efficient solution that reduces the risk of water damage and mold associated with leaks. The combination of PEX pipe, SharkBite EvoPEX fittings, and a comprehensive warranty gives you the confidence that your plumbing system is built to last, ensuring long-term peace of mind for you and your household.

pex plumbing warranty


Comparison of Warranty Coverage:

Plumbing System Component Warranty Coverage
PEX Pipe 25-year warranty
SharkBite EvoPEX Fittings 25-year warranty
Consequential Damage 25-year warranty

PEX Plumbing Guide and Conclusion

PEX plumbing is revolutionizing the way we approach plumbing installations. Its cost-effectiveness and versatility make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. But what exactly is PEX plumbing and why should you consider it for your next project?

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is a flexible pipe material that offers numerous benefits over traditional rigid pipe materials. Its flexibility allows for easy installation, even around tricky corners, without the need for additional fittings. This not only reduces material costs but also minimizes the risk of leaks, ensuring a durable and reliable plumbing system.

One of the standout features of PEX plumbing is its ease of installation. With SharkBite PEX fittings, you can say goodbye to special tools, glue, solder, or torches. These innovative fittings provide a visual indicator for a proper and permanent connection, saving you time and effort during installation. Whether you’re a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, PEX plumbing is designed to simplify the installation process.

But the benefits of PEX plumbing don’t end with flexibility and easy installation. PEX pipe is known for its durability, freeze resistance, and peace of mind. It can withstand extreme temperatures without becoming brittle, making it less susceptible to bursting in freezing conditions. Additionally, PEX plumbing requires minimal maintenance, offering long-term cost savings and reliability.

In conclusion, PEX plumbing is a game-changer in the world of plumbing. Its flexibility, faster installations, durability, freeze resistance, and peace of mind make it a top choice for modern installations. With high-quality manufacturing and warranties backing it up, PEX plumbing is a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your plumbing needs. Next time you embark on a plumbing project, consider PEX plumbing and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.